Your Marketing Partner to Lean On at the Beginning

The initial funding should be directed towards creating an MVP. Spending a lot on extensive marketing to test an idea is often unnecessary. But getting advice from someone with experience is a good thing to ensure you don’t miss out on chances in the market and avoid doing something stupid.

What we focus on

We concentrate on three key aspects: facilitating idea generation, extending beyond just marketing; constantly evaluating the efficacy of marketing execution; and establishing sound marketing priorities to safeguarded the budget from frivolous endeavors.
Refining your product-market fit to better match customer demands
This phase is crucial for confirming your business idea, optimizing resource use, directing subsequent development, and reducing risks. We help establish targeted feedback mechanisms, such as surveys and user testing, to precisely and consistently refine your product based on direct customer insights.
Realistically assessing the addressable market and possible growth drivers
A realistic market assessment guarantees viable growth for startups, aligning with long-term goals while preventing overexpansion. By identifying Total and Serviceable Available Markets, we concentrate on the short-term Serviceable Obtainable Market, enhancing marketing strategies and resource allocation to boost investor trust with solid projections.
Identifying key marketing channels for validating MVP and hypotheses
In the initial stages of seeding and hypothesis testing, complex integrated campaigns are rare. Whether it’s search engine ads, network targeting, or SEO in simpler campaigns, missteps can happen if the message, target audience, or platform choice is off. We help marketing specialists stay focused on essentials to avoid missing the mark.
Assisting in developing USP and foundational GTM strategy
A startup’s success hinges on a strong USP and GTM strategy, guiding market position, customer acquisition, and resource use. We’ll assist in refining your USP and developing a 1−2 year GTM plan, leveraging cost-effective promotion methods tailored to your industry.
Helping to create the perfect elevator pitch and investment decks
From the outset, being ready to engage with potential investors who can fund your venture is crucial. We’ll collaborate with you to craft an elevator pitch, articulating the critical insights of your business’s stage and its potential to attract series A/B/C investments more efficiently.

Rhythm of business

We regularly coordinate and align with various teams, adapting our meeting schedule to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly
    Marketing team meetings
    Regular meetings with the entire — compact yet mighty — marketing team to assess current tasks, analyze current results, and plan for the short term. The sales team, if any, should also be a part of these sync-ups.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly
    Cross-group alignments
    These regular work meetings across product, sales, marketing, and R&D teams play a crucial role in our company's coordinated growth. We recommend having them once or twice a month to focus on sales, pipeline coverage, demand generation, and upcoming campaigns.
  • Monthly to quarterly
    Strategy alignments
    Regular evaluations of the chosen path are necessary, albeit not too frequently. When desired outcomes are not being systematically met, there may be a need for a session to adjust the strategy and tactics.

    Angel meetings
    The timing of these meetings typically varies based on the investor's availability, but we suggest convening at least twice every quarter to discuss progress and obtain insightful feedback and ideas from the investor.
Start with a Discovery Call
In the first 10 minutes, we’ll share the essence of our approach. In the next 10 minutes, we’ll collaborate to identify leverage points. This is on us — no cost, no commitment on your part.
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