An Applied Marketing Leader for Multiple Revenue Growth

Rapid growth is a company’s toughest phase, balancing the flexible startup mindset with more strategic planning and execution. We guide you in achieving the ideal mix of creativity and control in marketing.

Our emphasis

As investors gain confidence in your company’s success, marketing emerges as the primary driving force. The focus shifts to the company’s ability to consistently grow revenues by expanding its customer base and average check. At the same time, it’s crucial to progress towards breakeven and maintain a positive cash flow.
Catching low-hanging fruits to gain first traction with high ROI
Often, young companies ignore easy opportunities in their rush to expand into new markets and raise their average sales. However, these "low-hanging fruits" can bring in affordable and usually loyal customers who will establish the core of the customer base and help gain initial traction.
Harvesting from growth points, exploring new hypotheses
Across geographies, industries, and segments, certain marketing campaigns outperform others. We assist in rapidly initiating and assessing the efficiency of marketing channels and integrated campaigns, examining all the growth opportunities we identify together with the product and sales teams.
Boosting retention and upselling, expanding first clients' success
As the customer base grows, the focus should expand to retention, up- and cross-selling. The key marketing tasks include assessing client loyalty, segmenting clients, and developing through-marketing retention strategies.
Leading the team and cross-group collaboration
Cultivating an environment that values creativity, productivity, and ongoing learning is crucial for teams that are expanding. Moreover, working in tandem with sales, product development, and client service teams is vital to ensure a cohesive strategy for company growth and client satisfaction.
Establishing data-driven performance platform
Selecting an appropriate marketing toolkit early and prioritizing automation investments is key to prevent marketing costs from eroding profits. Data analysis is essential for evaluating market trends, campaign performance, customer satisfaction, and ROI, aiding in refining marketing strategies.

Rhythm of business

We consistently collaborate and synchronize with different teams, adjusting our meeting times to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Weekly
    Marketing team meetings and 1:1s
    We suggest a weekly rotation between team meetings and individual one-on-one sessions. This approach strikes a balance between collaborative efforts and the personal advancement of each marketing team member.
  • Bi-weekly
    Marketing:Sales alignments
    These regular work meetings play a crucial role in our company's coordinated growth. We recommend having them once or twice a month to focus on sales, pipeline coverage, demand generation, and upcoming campaigns.

    Marketing:Product alignments
    Routine discussions with the product team are scheduled to review recent customer feedback on the latest product advancements, updates from the market and competitors, and our alignment with product-market fit.

    CEO meetings
    As the company grows and new challenges arise, the CEO's focus on product, marketing, and sales lessens. We help pinpoint vital elements of current operations, frame short-term goals, and define essential steps for achieving them, aiding discussions with the CEO.
  • Quarterly
    Town halls
    We think it's important for everyone to know the company's mission, where we stand with our goals, and what each department is doing. Town Halls are a great way to keep the whole company in sync.

    Strategy alignments
    Frequent and efficient evaluations of the chosen strategy and results become increasingly crucial. These meetings should involve all group leaders and can take the form of open discussions and brainstorming sessions.

    Board/investor meetings
    At stages A/B/C+, meetings with investors cease to be casual gatherings – instead, you will need to quantitatively prove the effectiveness of your chosen strategy and decisions. We will assist in correctly emphasizing key points and strengthening relationships with investors.

Start with a Discovery Call
We’ll kick off with a brief 10-minute introduction to our approach’s main principles. Next, we’ll spend 10 minutes together identifying key areas for intervention. This is a complimentary offer from us, without any financial or commitment obligations for you.
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