Lead Generation and Growth Scaling

Any marketing team finds it challenging to achieve a steady flow of high-quality leads at a reasonable acquisition cost, especially when aiming for swift sales growth. The key to success is to balance your marketing mix and closely monitor the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • The problem
    Generating leads is easy. Generating leads in a competitive environment that will consistently convert to closed deals and secure sales targets is quite different.

    Companies struggle to keep the same high lead generation pace during fast sales target growth, or it requires tremendous marketing budgets and kills profitability.

  • The cause
    Lead generation has many natural and artificial limitations. You can reach a demand ceiling in a marketing channel, choose a poor marketing mix that won't get your target audience, or send a message that doesn't make sense to them.

    The most common reason is a lack of understanding of the customer journey and the associated offering of the wrong content with the lousy call action at the wrong time. In turn, this lack of knowledge results from insufficient analytics of the digital footprint, human behavior, and motivation.

Marketing plan

Two things about your marketing plan. First, it should derive the sales goals, taking into account the average sales cycle, average deal size, and interstage conversion rates. Second, just like a popular goal-setting framework, your marketing plan needs to be SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Third, it should be agile and alive. Together with your team, we will continuously refresh your marketing plan and prioritize marketing initiatives based on the company goals, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Oh, did we say two?

Customer Journey Map

CJM pinpoints the key steps clients take from initial contact to purchase. It is the real-life application of your marketing efforts. We help your team understand the concept, analyze it, and refine it where possible, focusing on aligning marketing initiatives with client expectations to enhance conversion rates.

Marketing Mix

The channel mix depends on the product, market, and customers' buying behavior. To build the ideal mix, you must employ a data-driven approach, analyzing customer interactions and conversion metrics across channels to determine the most effective combination. The key is integrating new digital platforms with traditional methods and aligning channel strategies with evolving market conditions and customer preferences.

Integrated campaigns

By combining multiple channels and touchpoints, you can create a seamless and cohesive brand experience for your target audience. This allows you to reach your clients at different stages of their journey and effectively reinforce your message. The payoff is that integrated campaigns require not only marketing but also collaboration from all teams, which requires additional organizational effort.

Channel balance

Effective channel management enhances reach and message consistency and the number and quality of leads versus lead acquisition costs. By meticulously adjusting and integrating various marketing channels, we aim to forge a unified and efficient strategy that maximizes impact and minimizes costs and redundancy. This process includes ongoing testing and refinement across digital, direct, and indirect channels to ensure optimal engagement and effectiveness.
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