Marketing Excellence Assay and Improvement

Increased marketing funds and efforts do not result in higher revenues? This common situation arises due to marketing hypotheses based and decided on unclear and unreliable data. This means you need a different approach to planning, execution, and analysis throughout the customer journey.
  • The problem
    Your marketing team is growing, and so are the budgets. You are collecting and analyzing a lot of data on client behavior in your digital channels. Everyone seems to be smart and busy. Marketing dashboards show good results. However, you are missing out on new client names, profits, and market share gain.

    You are unsure about how effective your marketing efforts are. Data silos don't provide insights, marketing efficiency is calculated in Excel, and integrated intellectual campaigns perform worse than the simple and direct campaigns you were running a couple of years ago.

  • The cause
    From bottom to top, the root cause may lie in different layers. To ensure data accuracy, your company should have an advanced marketing automation and analysis platform. This platform should also improve your personnel's performance by eliminating the need for manual data movement and connection between sheets.

    To ensure accurate hypotheses and insights, the team should have well-thought-out operational and strategic reports that reflect real-life customer behavior, performance metrics, and market trends. To ensure the effectiveness of your marketing team's daily tasks, you need to have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes integrated campaigns across digital and offline channels.

Marketing automation

Your marketers should prioritize exploring clients and the market instead of spending time manually uploading client lists into a CRM or emailing platform. There are numerous marketing automation tools available for companies of all sizes and budgets. We can recommend which ones are worth investing in based on your specific situation and help you maximize their potential.

Marketing KPIs and dashboards

Different roles require different data regarding marketing performance. Top managers are likely more interested in pipeline coverage and incoming qualified leads, while digital marketing leads track traffic and conversions, and communication managers oversee engagement rates. The key aspect of KPIs and dashboards is that they need to be interconnected, consistent, and trustworthy.

Digital and performance marketing

There are two issues with digital marketing. First, you balance creating meaningful content written by subject matter experts and dealing with digital realities where you cannot always tell if it's a bot or a real person visiting your website. Second, you always stay ahead of search engines, social media platforms, listings, and marketplaces to outpace the competition, which requires significant effort. We can assist marketers in building a functional framework that ensures your campaigns perform at their best without overwhelming the entire team.

Channel balance

Effective channel management enhances reach and message consistency and the number and quality of leads versus lead acquisition costs. By meticulously adjusting and integrating various marketing channels, we aim to forge a unified and efficient strategy that maximizes impact and minimizes costs and redundancy. This process includes ongoing testing and refinement across digital, direct, and indirect channels to ensure optimal engagement and effectiveness.
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